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Oct 2016 Nature Jewelry New Arrival


Elegant rose gold plated genuine 925 sterling silver pendant necklace, with high quality cubic zirconia.

Also come visit our elegant nature jewelry or insect themed gifts for butterfly lovers:

For a closer look:

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New Nature Inspired Jewlery – Butterfly Pendant Necklace

This is genuine 925 sterling silver butterfly necklace with top rank heart & round shape CZ (cubic zirconia) crystal. Looks like very good gift idea for her!

There are more nature jewelry or insect themed gifts for butterfly lovers:

This silver necklace is also available in eBay jewelry store if you prefer a more popular shopping website over the original website of this item listing.



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Farewell giant panda Jia Jia – Hongkongers’ old friend

Farewell giant panda Jia Jia – Hongkongers’ old friend


If you have been to Hong Kong, you must have heard of Ocean Park, a nature themed park in Hong Kong). If you have visited Ocean Park, I bet most likely you will pay a visit to the “The Panda Village”. However, if you haven’t been to Hong Kong and are planning to visit Hong Kong and the Panda Village, you will probably be disappointed by the recent sad news that one of Hongkongers’ beloved giant pandas – Jia Jia, died (she was euthanized) yesterday.

Jia Jia – world’s oldest giant panada died on Sunday (16 Oct 2016) in her home at Ocean Park aged 38 – which is 114 years old in human terms. The name “Jia Jia” means “good” in Chinese and she was a gift to Hong Kong from Chinese government in 1999 together with another male giant panda “An An”. An An and Jia Jia was a couple (at least it was how we put it) and they are Ocean Park’s most popular residents together with another younger giant panda couple – “Le Le” (male) and “Ying Ying” (female). Giant panda is not just one of the mascots in Hong Kong (or Ocean Park), it has a role to promote the conservation ecology, particularly for giant panda’s nature habitat. Since the arrival of An An and Jia Jia, there were over 29millions visitors visited them and I am sure Jia Jia did a very good job, just like how she named.

Jia Jia’s health status had deteriorated for the past two weeks, said the authorities of Ocean Park in a statement. The female was losing weight from 71kg to 67kg because she had just a few awake time and showed completely no interest in food over the past few days, leading a drastic fall in food intake from 10kg a day to around 3kg.

A local comic artist Siu Hak created comic character Panda-a-Panda based on An An and Jia Jia uploaded a picture in Facebook in which the cartoon An An is looking at Jia Jia’s picture mourning the death of his 17-year life partner. Ocean Park’s official YouTube channel will also upload video made in memory of Jia Jia and establish a memorial corner starting from 22 Oct 2016 for guests to pay tribute to their beloved animal ambassador.

They are definitely not the only ones who feel sad about the pass away of this peaceful and clever giant panda, as how ex-chairman of Ocean Park – Allan Zeman describes about her. Jia Jia accompanied Hongkongers for 17 years, almost everyone in Hong Kong knows about her and we love this adorable panda very much.

In memory of Jia Jia, our jewelry store will contribute 70% of the revenues from Panda Jewelryto Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong (OPCFHK) in supporting conservation of Asian wildlife, with emphasis on Chinese white dolphins and giant panda, as well as their habitats, starting from today till end of November 2016.

Jia Jia, thank you for being with us for 17 years, RIP!


3D Dog Themed Jewelry

If you love animals, and if you are a costume jewelry lover, then I think you may be interested in the following animal jewelry (the “animal jewelry” here is talking about jewelry with animal shape, not jewelry for animal!) – 3D animal necklaces:

Realistic 3D Bulldog Pendant Necklace

I have to say that my first impression to this 3D pendant necklace is – simple yet looks realistic. In my own animal necklaces collection, there are so many different kinds of costume jewelry with “dog theme” designs, but most of them are with “2D” designs (i.e. they are like a silver tone metal plate with dog shape and facial details inscribed on it). I won’t say those 2D designs are bad designs but they are doomed to look less realistic than 3D pendant because there is one extra dimension for animal jewelry designers to work with to make it as realistic as possible.

Silver Alloy with “Antique” Finishing

Going back to this 3D Bulldog Pendant Necklace. This necklace is made of silver tone alloy, an inexpensive material, instead of 925 sterling silver or even gold, helps greatly reduce the price of this jewelry piece to make it more reasonable and affordable to most jewelry lovers. The oxidized parts of the silvery surface make this pendant a bit more “antique” and are being used for making up the details and hair of the bulldog to make it more like a real dog instead of a piece of silver metal with dog shape design. With 4 firmed legs and standing gesture of the dog, it is not hard to guess that this bulldog pendant is actually able to stand on any flat surface, which can be a plus for those who want to collect funky jewelry not only for wearing, but also for displaying. Putting a series of 3D standing animal funky jewelry on your own display window at home will definitely add a lot of fun to your home.

Weight, Size and Shipping

This pendant necklace weighs around 10 grams. The size of this pendant is 18 x 14 x 22mm (L x W x H), which we cannot say this is a big pendant, but definitely not a small one. I think Asian may think this pendant is a slightly big one, especially when they compare this with most of the Japanese / Korean pendants (which tend to be petite) in the market. Good news for jewelry lovers is that this can be shipped internationally from Hong Kong with ZERO shipping fee. Of course, like some of the jewelry stores, we offer a high quality black velvet gift box option with additional USD 3 only, which is an extra bonus only for our funky jewelry shoppers!

Realistic 3D Pug / Dachshund Pendant Necklace

In the same series as 3D Bulldog Pendant Necklace, under the animal jewelry series, these two 3D Pendant Necklace in Pug shape or in Dachshund shape again are simple yet looks realistic. Speaking of pug and bulldog, in fact these two breeds of dogs are very similar to each other, I hope I haven’t mixed them up based on what I know about the difference between pug and bulldog.

Same as the bulldog pendant, the Pug Pendant Necklace / Dachshund Pendant Necklace are also made of silver tone alloy with antique silver finishing. They also have great details which you can clearly see their facial expressions. Speaking of facial expression, I personally think the pug design pendant has a little more lively facial expression, perhaps due to its slightly tilted head looking at you in an innocent way, the overall impression of this pug pendant necklace is super adorable. This is a must-have for animal jewelry lovers, especially for pug lovers! Some people prefer to call Dachshund “Sausage Dog” because of its sausage-like body shape. Short legs, long body is signature of a Dachshund which this funky necklace has shown perfectly to you by the design of this 3D pendant necklace.

With similar size and weight as the bulldog pendant, the pug / dachshund pendant necklace weigh around 10 grams. Pendant size is 25 x 9 x 25mm and 30 x 12 x 20mm respectively (L x W x H). Again these can be shipped internationally from Hong Kong without any shipping fee and the same high quality black velvet gift box option is also available for purchase when checking out.

Check out More Funky Animal Necklaces

We love every creation of mother nature – animals and plants they are all very unique in how they look and how they live their own lives. Jewelry inspired by mother nature is no doubt your best choice if you enjoy mother nature!

Realistic 3D Bulldog Pendant Necklace

Realistic 3D Bulldog Jewelry

Realistic 3D Pug Pendant Necklace

3D Pug Themed Dog Jewelry

Realistic 3D Dachshund Pendant Necklace

3D Dog Themed Dachshund Jewelry

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What is Cubic Zirconia (CZ)?

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) – A Cost-Effective Gift for Her

Diamond has always been the most sought-after gemstone. Everyone (especially women) is somehow attracted by this highly sparkling gemstone and would spend vast sums of money for diamond accessories such as a diamond ring, diamond earrings or a diamond pendant necklace as a gift for her or a gift for loved ones. However, the prices of diamonds or diamond products are really not affordable for anyone because of their rare nature. Luckily, we have much better technology today for creating a “synthetic” diamond called Cubic Zirconia (CZ) which can hardly be distinguished from diamond with the naked eye.

The chemical formula of cubic zirconia is ZrO2 (a crystalline form of zirconium dioxide). Cubic zirconia is a lab-made synthetic gemstone which is sparkling, hard and durable, and the cost of manufacturing cubic zirconia is much lower than that of extracting diamond, making it an important competitor.

Measuring the quality of cubic zirconia and diamond is very much alike in 4 aspects, namely carat, clarity, color and cutting (“the 4C’s”). Like all diamonds, the 4C’s help people to get more objective characteristics for pricing a cubic zirconia. Let’s start with the most well-known term of the 4C’s – Carat.

Carat of Cubic Zirconia

The weight of a cubic zirconia is different from that of a diamond because of their differences in density. When we talk about 1 diamond carat, it is referring to a measure of a diamond’s weight, which affects size and price. However, as we just mentioned, the density of cubic zirconia and diamond is different; we can’t say “1 carat diamond” is the same as “1-carat cubic zirconia” because by doing so, the “1-carat cubic zirconia” would be smaller in size. A 1-carat stone will weigh 200 milligrams / 0.2 grams, and the density of a diamond is around 3.5 – 3.53, while the density of cubic zirconia is around 5.5 – 5.9. Indeed, it is not hard to understand that 1-carat cubic zirconia is smaller than 1-carat diamond in size.

When you are shopping online for cubic zirconia loose stone, different suppliers may have different methods of price quotations. Most suppliers allow you to shop directly by size, which is always the clearest (and the best) way to measure a cubic zirconia. However, some use carat to measure it, which can be quite confusing because you can hardly tell whether 1 carat means 1 carat in real weight or 1 carat-equivalent size. For example, if the “1 carat” means real weight, then what you are going to buy is a cubic zirconia with 0.2 grams. On the other hand, if the “1 carat” means carat-equivalent size, that means the supplier is selling you a cubic zirconia which is of the same size as a 1-carat diamond.

Clarity of Cubic Zirconia

Because cubic zirconia is manufactured synthetically and is not a natural mineral, the clarity (i.e. cloudiness) of cubic zirconia is flawless, so it will not be cloudy or flawed when you look through it. Having said that, low-quality manufacturing processes may still cause some imperfections or flaws to the cubic zirconia. Diamond, on the other hand, is a natural gemstone that can hardly be flawless. Only the rarest and highest-quality diamonds can be flawless and with Grade FL (i.e. flawless – no inclusions or blemishes visible under 10X magnification) on the GIA diamond clarity grading scale.

Color of Cubic Zirconia

Again, due to the lab-made nature of cubic zirconia, it is possible to artificially add other elements / oxides to the cubic zirconia to color it during the manufacturing process. Unlike diamond, which occurs in a variety of colors (such as white, blue, red, green, pink, purple and black) as a result of impurities or structural defects, cubic zirconia is often colorless if no other elements/oxides are added by the manufacturer. And the grade of colorless cubic zirconia is what we call grade “D” (i.e. perfectly colorless) on the GIA diamond color grading scales.

Cut of Cubic Zirconia

There are many different cuts being developed for cutting gemstones like diamond and cubic zirconia. People usually mix up cut and shape (e.g. oval, pear). Perhaps you have heard of “Hearts and Arrows” when you bought diamond before, but bear in mind that Hearts and Arrows is just a property indicating a top-tier cut and doesn’t directly mean that it is the most brilliant. To help consumers identify the cut grade, GIA actually has a Diamond Cut Grading System to grade a diamond’s fire, sparkle and brilliance. This grading system is based on 7 components: Brightness – the total light reflected from a diamond); Fire – the dispersion of light into the colors of the spectrum; Scintillation – the pattern of light and dark areas and the flashes of light, or sparkle, when a diamond is moved; and the remaining four – weight ratio, durability, polish and symmetry.

Cubic zirconia can be cut using the same method used in cutting diamond. As such, you can find cubic zirconia in typical diamond cuts like 8 Hearts and Arrows (Star Cut), 9 Hearts 1 Flower, Round Brilliant Cuts, Oval Cuts, Heart Cuts, Pear Cuts, Princess Cuts, etc.

Everyday Jewelry with Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is one of the best materials for making everyday jewelry / affordable jewelry because of its low price and similar nature to diamond. Fashion jewelry with high-quality cubic zirconia inlaid can always add a sense of elegance to the piece, so cubic zirconia jewelry is definitely an extremely cost-effective gift choice. It is never too much to send a gift to your loved ones for whatever reason, so why not a piece of lovely jewelry with high-quality, sparkling cubic zirconia?