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Story of a Loyal Penguin

How many of you believe animals can actually feel? Do you believe a penguin can recognize a person who saved its life? More, do you believe that penguin swims 5,000 miles from the ocean just to visit a man who saved its life? This is actually a true story! A Magellanic penguin, Dindim, swims around 5,000 miles every year just to see a man, Joao Pereira de Souza, a humble retired bricklayer lives in Provetá Beach in Ilha Grande, Brazil.

This heart touching story (reported in CNN) started in May 2011. Dindim was covered in oil and injured in the state of Rio de Janeiro and found by Pereira de Souza. He helped the little penguin clean his body to remove oil residue and fed him with food until he is healthy enough to return to the sea. However, the story didn’t end here, Dindim returns to the same spot every year to Mr. Jaoa’s backyard and now become part of his family.

Magellanic penguins are very loyal to their partners and they nest in the same place every year with the same partner. We don’t know what’s going on in Dindim’s mind, but one thing we can be certain is that he knows exactly where to go and who to find. This story captured the hearts of many people and tells us how loyal an animal could be, especially this involves loyalty to human instead of its partner, which is a very rare case.

This touching story actually reminds me about a very heartbreaking reality:- Human has never stopped destroying the wildlife and killing wild animals directly or indirectly. No doubt most of the people are amazed by smart bird like Kea, or loyal penguin like Dindim when we area reading “interesting” news like this. “Interesting” news like Dindim can easily be a leisure-time topic, but how many of us are actually care about these beautiful creatures? Who would really think of the wildlife or wild animals when they are working so hard everyday in offices for their livings? Worse, who would really remember the wildlife / wild animals are being killed because wild animals are “harmful” to their life / properties; or being forced to leave their homes because our city development needs more land that human should be “more superior” than wild animals in using the land?

Perhaps it’s time for us to stop a while to think….

For years animal rights activists group has been arguing that animals can actually feel the pain and their lives should be respected, even they have to be killed, they should be killed humanely. They also believe that saving wild animals is actually saving the planet because preserving wildlife is the basic way to preserve biodiversity and keep a balanced ecosystem which human can be greatly (and negatively) impacted if something goes wrong with the system.

Saving wild animals is important?

Maybe you don’t think animals feel, or you think human rights should be much more important than animal rights. Or you may think all living things in this planet can adopt to the changes and the “balance” in ecosystem will come back eventually. If this is really the case that makes you not quite a wild animal lover, then I hope the 4th important reason for saving wild animals sound persuasive.

The 4th Reason – Medical Research Inspired by Animal

You should help preserve wildlife because they are extremely valuable in the medical related researches. No matter how smart we are, we can’t deny that many of our new technologies were actually inspired by animal in mother nature. Our great aviation pioneers – Wright brothers, invented the world’s first successful airplane inspired by birds flying the sky; Dragonflies inspired designers of helicopters; “Sharkskin” coating for swimwear inspired by Sharks…… Many of those are extremely important modern technologies that changed the human history. If you think such animal-inspired technologies are only used for creating a more convenient way for human to live, then you must have overlooked the importance of animal-inspired technologies being used in medical aspects.

Animal-inspired technologies are widely used in medical research. Almighty God created different creatures in this planet with different survival skills that could be very very useful for human. Take Kea (an extremely smart parrot we introduced in previous blog post “Kea – The Smartest Parrot in the World”) as an example. The researchers are working on the secret of how this smart bird can learn things (instead of just trial-and-error like many other animals), scientists believe that the research may shed light on human learning process to cure related decease. Another example is lamprey (a kind of “fish” physically resemble eel, characterized by a toothed, funnel-like sucking mouth): the nervous system of lamprey is so simple, but complex enough to control a swimming motion. Scientists are particularly interested in the secret of this design and hope it could be an excellent model for a micro-robot that would be sensitive to its surroundings and move freely around inside a body. How can it be used? For curing cancer! If this micro-robot research is successful, that would allow it to check for tumors or blood cloths or chemical indicators of various diseases!

Indeed there are countless examples of medical research inspired by animals. So please. stop thinking that protecting wildlife is none of your business! Just imagine how many people we could help if scientists could solve the secret formula of gecko’s regeneration ability. We may not have the chance to save a sick penguin, but we can definitely pay more attention to protect the wildlife and I believe that we could create a better world if we work together!


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Cartier Elegant Cactus

Cactus Jewelry

For years jewelry designers have been using different kinds of flowers / plants as their inspirations in jewelry design. Rose, sunflower, tulip are the most commonly used flowers (no matter in real life or in jewelry design), and it is not hard to imagine why they are easily being used by jewelry designers because of their obviously flower meanings to ladies (like Rose, represents love, beauty, passion etc… and tulip represents enduring love between family members, the 11th wedding anniversary etc…).

On the other hand, Cactus, a spiky plant, is easily got forgotten by designers and making them less popular in the fashion market. But if you understand more about cactus, you will be impressed by its toughness and resistance to extreme weather (i.e. extreme hot in daytime but cold at night).

Cacti come in different shapes and sizes, standing firmly in desert as if a tough girl showing off her unique beautiful gesture in desert. These characteristics inspired jewelry designer of Cartier to recreate a beautiful yet untouchable blossom – the new Cactus de Cartier collection.

Cactus de Cartier collection is bold, geometric and sensuous. Designed with a perfect combination of spiky and soft, which sounds contradictory but designer skillfully harmonized these two into one masterpiece. I particularly like the earrings in this collection which are finely decorated with emerald and carnelian gemstones set in yellow gold. The yellow gold, as you could imagine, represents the desert; the emerald and carnelian beads are here to represent the cactus in full bloom.

Cactus de Cartier Earrings

Plant Jewelry / Plant Themed Jewelry 

Plant jewelry or plant themed jewelry is definitely one of the biggest categories in the market, just its close cousin, animal jewelry (or animal themed jewelry). People shopping for fine or funky jewelry are usually got attracted by the designs of these animal / plant themed jewelry because of a simple reason – they all look familiar to you!

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New Dog Themed Arrival on Sep 2016

Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry

Jewelry industry is a well establish industry. For years, ladies (and gentlemen, of course) are so obsessed with putting on these shiny, eye-catching little things as part of their daily outfits. In the past, only the upper class or royal family were able to own jewelry in order to show-off their social status; the lower class could never afford to have one as they could barely feed themselves and had no time to even think about owning a single piece of jewelry. Nowadays with the advancement of technology and the industrialization of jewelry industry, fashion jewelry industry which targets low to middle class customers is now becoming another big industry to cater customers who don’t want to spend too much on “fine jewelry”. You can see that many jewelry stores sell fashion jewelry instead of fine jewelry because of relatively low inventory risk and blooming low to middle class purchasing power.

Themed Jewelry

No matter which type of jewelry you are looking for – fine jewelry or fashion jewelry, their designs are getting more and more fit for different tastes of jewelry customers: from simple geometric design to complicated artistic design, every piece of jewelry shows how a jewelry designer sees and feels about everything around him/her. So it is very common to see fine jewelry or fashion jewelry with the design of animals, plants, food and every “stuff” around you in daily life. Themed jewelry, as its name suggests, has become a new name for a category of jewelry which the design is based on different “things” (e.g. dogs, cats, birds, flowers, trees, food, dessert) and targets the jewelry lovers who also love these “things”. The advent of theme jewelry helps people who want to find a gifts for her / gifts for him because it is a straight forward choice to present dog themed gifts to dog lovers, right?

Many jewelry stores are selling wide range of jewelry without a theme. Jewelry lovers can only base on the preferred designers or preferred jewelry materials (e.g. 925 sterling silver, gold, diamond) to shop what they want. That’s why we established LoverBirdyAccessories to help jewelry lovers find their beloved design of jewelry piece or to help anyone who is looking for a gift idea for his / her friend who is a jewelry lover AND a lover of “something”. In, you can search for anything which could turn to a jewelry design and then take it home!

Dog Themed Jewelry

Recently we are working on adding variety of fashion jewelry with dog themed design. We have jewelry design of different breeds of dogs such as Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Pug, Bulldog etc. I’m sure this is one of the best places for you to find special piece of fashion jewelry or a jewelry to memorialize your beloved deceased dog.

Here are popular picks:

Cute Shih Tzu Earrings

Cute Shih Tzu Earrings

Cute Pug Earrings

Cute Chihuahua Earrings

Cute Chihuahua Earrings

Funny Bulldog Pendant Necklace

Funny Sausage Dog Pendant Necklace

Funky Yorkshire Terrier Finger Ring

Funky Yorkshire Terrier Finger Ring

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Mid-Autumn Festival Hiking!

Mid-Autumn Festival Hiking!

Jubilee (Shing Mun) Reservoir

Shing Mun Reservoir is a very famous hiking route in Hong Kong. Yesterday was the Mid-Autumn Festival (a traditional Chinese Festival) and my family went to Shing Mun Reservoir for hiking. For those who want to hike in Hong Kong or want to find an entry level hiking route in Hong Kong, this is going to be a very good choice!

Nice weather! It wasn’t too hot but humidity was still quite high. I would say it was not the best weather for hiking, but still we managed to take some good pictures 🙂

Hiking in Hong Kong - Shing Mun Reservoir_1

These trees were grown inside the water of the reservoir

Hiking in Hong Kong - Shing Mun Reservoir

This is the Valve Tower – A signature building of Shing Mun Reservoir

Getting cloudy, but luckily it didn’t rain~

Fishing is allowed in this reservoir, so if you also like fishing, you will like it! Just drop me an email if you want to know more about Shing Mun Reservoir or hiking in Hong Kong!

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The Difference Between a Pug and a Bulldog

The Difference Between a Pug and a Bulldog

Identifying the differences between a bulldog and a pug may present a challenge to most people. If you were to just glance at a bulldog and a pug, it would be very hard to distinguish between them because these two breeds of dogs look very much alike. As such, I hope this article helps you understand more about them.

Physical Difference

The colors of their coats may be the most obvious way to tell the difference. Bulldogs have a wider range of color combinations such as red, red brindle with while, red piebald, red with black mask, fawn, fawn and white etc. However, pug dogs’ colors are either solid black or fawn with a black mask (so a black mask could be one of the most noticeable features of pugs, of course, except for black pugs).

Another prominent difference between a bulldog and a pug is the size. A bulldog is typically regarded as a “fat dog” (based on how it looks), which weighs around 50-60 pounds it has a bigger body size than pug, which weighs around 20 pounds.

A flat, wrinkly face and undershot jaw are common facial characteristics of both the bulldog and the pug. However, if you take a close look at them (better side-by-side), it is not hard to see that the pug has less wrinkles and a “firmer” face than the bulldog’s prominent dewlap. Pugs have bigger eyes than bulldogs because the pug’s eyes are more protruding. One more difference is that the pug has a curly tail and the bulldog has a relatively shorter and straight tail.

Temperament Difference

Being the best friend of humans I would say both bulldogs and pugs are very sweet in terms of their characteristics. Surprisingly they share very similar temperament & personality. Both bulldogs and pugs are outgoing toward strangers. They are both courageous and friendly, so will get along with all your family members including your other pets very well. If you really want to find out their differences in temperament & personality, I would say that the pug is comparatively more energetic and playful while the bulldog acts (and looks) a little more “lazy”. One more difference is their aggressiveness: perhaps due to the “job” of their ancestors (kidding), which was utilized primarily for bull-baiting in sport arena, the bulldog could be quite an aggressive attacker (compared to the pug). The pug’s ancestors served as companions to monks in China, so it is not hard to see that they are more gentle.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of a bulldog is around 8-10 years and 12-15 years for pug. I would say that the life expectancy of bulldogs is a little bit shorter than other breeds of dogs, so please treasure every day with your lovely pet dog because you are everything in their life.

Dog Themed Jewelry

There is much fashion jewelry available in the shape of a pug or bulldog. Telling whether a piece of jewelry is a pug shape or a bulldog shape will always be a hard job because of often limited characteristics. But being a dog-themed jewelry lover or as a gift for dog lovers, who cares? They are both super adorable!

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Something You Should Know Before Buying Fashion Jewelry Online – Gold Filled? Gold Plated? Sterling Silver? Silver Plated? What are they!?


Online shopping is getting more and more popular all over the world. It is now very convenient for people to buy everything online, from daily necessities to items that may have never before imagine buying on the Internet. It makes perfect sense that people purchase their fashion jewelry online, as you don’t need to worry about size the same way as when you buy clothes online. Moreover, there are always tons of different types of fashion accessories online for you to choose from, so you can always find the perfect item to match your personal style/interest.

Unlike buying fashion jewelry in physical stores, when buying online you’ll need to make your purchase decision based on the item photos and description. It’s not hard to see words in online item titles and descriptions like “Gold Plated”, “Gold Filled”, “Silver Plated”, “Silver Filled”, “Sterling Silver”, etc. So what do sellers want to tell you when you see these words? Let me summarize some frequently asked questions that will help you enjoy your online jewelry shopping even more!

Question 1: Is there any reference for purity of gold?

Karat is widely used as a measurement of purity of gold. 1 karat (or 1K gold) means there is 1 part of gold and 23 parts of other metal alloys. So, 24K gold means 100 percent pure gold, 18K gold means 75 percent gold + 25 percent of other metal alloys, etc. Please note that generally pure gold (24K) is too soft for jewelry making; that’s why it is more likely that you will see 18K gold jewelry than 24K gold jewelry.

Question 2: Is there any reference for purity of silver?

In general, there are 2 levels of silver purity you need to know. The first one is fine silver, containing 99.9 percent silver; people call it “999 Fine Silver” or “.999 Fine Silver.” The second one is sterling silver, containing 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metal alloys (usually copper); people call it “925 Sterling Silver” or “.925 Sterling Silver.”

Similar to gold, pure silver (Fine Silver) is too soft for jewelry making, so you can easily find many 925 sterling silver jewelries but not fine silver jewelries. There should be a “925” stamp on your sterling silver jewelry to help you identify the purity of silver used.

Question 3: Gold jewelry is expensive; what other choices I have?

Forget about the brand name or design; what matters is the value of material of your jewelry. There are many other forms of gold jewelries for your consideration:

Gold-Filled: Gold-filled is a thin sheet of Karat gold rolled with another thicker sheet of base metal alloy. It is also known as “rolled gold” because of the rolling process. The measurement of gold-filled jewelry uses the ratio of the mass of the Karat gold sheet to the total mass. For example, “1/20 18K” stamp means 5 percent (=1/20) of 18K gold being used. Sometimes you will see an “RGP” stamp, which stands for “rolled gold plated” and is typically with a ratio of 1/40 and 1/50.

Gold-Plated: Gold plating is to deposit a thin layer of gold on the surface of other materials. In the fashion accessories industry, people usually plate gold onto the surface of another metal (usually an alloy) by chemical or electrochemical plating. One common way is dipping the base metal into a bath of electroplating solution after performing a series of processes.

Gold-Vermeil: Gold vermeil means plating gold onto sterling silver.

Question 4: Is it very expensive to buy sterling silver jewelry?

No. In fact, the price of silver is much less than the price of gold. At the time of writing this article, the price of gold is around US$1,350 per oz, where the silver price is just around US$22 per oz! So now you understand why you see so many 925 Sterling Silver jewelries but not many 18K (or even higher) gold jewelries in the fashion jewelry industry.

Question 5: Does gold/silver plating cost much more than non-gold plated/non-silver plating?

Plating gold/silver on a base metal does not make the cost significantly higher, because the plating layer is usually very thin (so never think to resell your gold/silver plated jewelries to scrap gold/silver buyers). However, THICKNESS (measured in micrometer, aka micron) and SURFACE AREA matter to manufacturers because the thicker or bigger the surface area of the jewelry, the higher the cost.

Question 6: Does gold plated/silver plated jewelry easily wear off?

It makes sense that the thicker the plating, the lower chance that the plating will wear off. Unfortunately, it is never easy to judge how thick the plating is without professional equipment. So what you can do is choose reliable jewelry suppliers when making your purchase decision.

Gold/silver plated jewelries react to salts in human sweat, chemical pollutants in the air or chlorine in swimming pools/spas. In order to better protect your beloved jewelries, never take them to exercise/shower with you.

Question 7: Any advice on buying fashion jewelry online?

To be honest, it is almost impossible for ordinary buyers to identify the details of materials and manufacturing processes of fashion jewelries they buy. The best way is to choose reliable suppliers/stores that offer you high quality of service such as 20- or even 30-day return guarantees. We always want to go one step further for you, so if the jewelries you bought from us become tarnished or worn-off within six months, just ship them back to us and we guarantee to send you a new one!