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Farewell giant panda Jia Jia – Hongkongers’ old friend

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Farewell giant panda Jia Jia – Hongkongers’ old friend


If you have been to Hong Kong, you must have heard of Ocean Park, a nature themed park in Hong Kong). If you have visited Ocean Park, I bet most likely you will pay a visit to the “The Panda Village”. However, if you haven’t been to Hong Kong and are planning to visit Hong Kong and the Panda Village, you will probably be disappointed by the recent sad news that one of Hongkongers’ beloved giant pandas – Jia Jia, died (she was euthanized) yesterday.

Jia Jia – world’s oldest giant panada died on Sunday (16 Oct 2016) in her home at Ocean Park aged 38 – which is 114 years old in human terms. The name “Jia Jia” means “good” in Chinese and she was a gift to Hong Kong from Chinese government in 1999 together with another male giant panda “An An”. An An and Jia Jia was a couple (at least it was how we put it) and they are Ocean Park’s most popular residents together with another younger giant panda couple – “Le Le” (male) and “Ying Ying” (female). Giant panda is not just one of the mascots in Hong Kong (or Ocean Park), it has a role to promote the conservation ecology, particularly for giant panda’s nature habitat. Since the arrival of An An and Jia Jia, there were over 29millions visitors visited them and I am sure Jia Jia did a very good job, just like how she named.

Jia Jia’s health status had deteriorated for the past two weeks, said the authorities of Ocean Park in a statement. The female was losing weight from 71kg to 67kg because she had just a few awake time and showed completely no interest in food over the past few days, leading a drastic fall in food intake from 10kg a day to around 3kg.

A local comic artist Siu Hak created comic character Panda-a-Panda based on An An and Jia Jia uploaded a picture in Facebook in which the cartoon An An is looking at Jia Jia’s picture mourning the death of his 17-year life partner. Ocean Park’s official YouTube channel will also upload video made in memory of Jia Jia and establish a memorial corner starting from 22 Oct 2016 for guests to pay tribute to their beloved animal ambassador.

They are definitely not the only ones who feel sad about the pass away of this peaceful and clever giant panda, as how ex-chairman of Ocean Park – Allan Zeman describes about her. Jia Jia accompanied Hongkongers for 17 years, almost everyone in Hong Kong knows about her and we love this adorable panda very much.

In memory of Jia Jia, our jewelry store will contribute 70% of the revenues from Panda Jewelryto Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong (OPCFHK) in supporting conservation of Asian wildlife, with emphasis on Chinese white dolphins and giant panda, as well as their habitats, starting from today till end of November 2016.

Jia Jia, thank you for being with us for 17 years, RIP!


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