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2017 First Hiking @ Hong Kong!

2017 first hiking @ Hong Kong!


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Exciting Hiking Day after Typhoon Signal #8

Typhoon is close friend of Hong Kong, it comes to visit us every summer most frequently from Jul to Sep. Sometimes this close friend visited Hong Kong late like the one stampeded Hong Kong on last Friday, on mid-Oct. Maybe because of the rain clouds were blown away by the strong wind, the weather on last Sat (one day after the typhoon day) was surprisingly sunny, so my wife and I decided to go hiking in Wu Kau Tang (a beautiful place in Hong Kong)


The weather was super sunny and actually was a bit hot and humid. There was a stone bridge with a river. It was very close to the entrance and you can take some beautiful pictures here.


The road was very easy to walk at the beginning!


Miscanthus was beautiful.



After 10 to 15 minutes walk, we started to see muddy road (I believe this road would still be okay if I wasn’t come after typhoon)


There were two ways to reach the destination (“Sanya Village”, not sure if this is the official name) – uphill or alongside the river. We selected the uphill road hoping to have a less muddy road.


We didn’t see anyone in the uphill road and we were so worried about getting lost (because it was getting darker and darker). Fortunately after 2 hours walk, we finally made it to Sanya Village!


Interesting plant!


It was getting darker and darker and we selected the riverside road to go back. Some stonebridge was flooded with water!


After 2 more hours walk, we finally made it! It was so dark and we were so unlucky to see fireflies! (Unfortunately it was too dark to picture it)

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Mid-Autumn Festival Hiking!

Mid-Autumn Festival Hiking!

Jubilee (Shing Mun) Reservoir

Shing Mun Reservoir is a very famous hiking route in Hong Kong. Yesterday was the Mid-Autumn Festival (a traditional Chinese Festival) and my family went to Shing Mun Reservoir for hiking. For those who want to hike in Hong Kong or want to find an entry level hiking route in Hong Kong, this is going to be a very good choice!

Nice weather! It wasn’t too hot but humidity was still quite high. I would say it was not the best weather for hiking, but still we managed to take some good pictures 🙂

Hiking in Hong Kong - Shing Mun Reservoir_1

These trees were grown inside the water of the reservoir

Hiking in Hong Kong - Shing Mun Reservoir

This is the Valve Tower – A signature building of Shing Mun Reservoir

Getting cloudy, but luckily it didn’t rain~

Fishing is allowed in this reservoir, so if you also like fishing, you will like it! Just drop me an email if you want to know more about Shing Mun Reservoir or hiking in Hong Kong!