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3D Dog Themed Jewelry

If you love animals, and if you are a costume jewelry lover, then I think you may be interested in the following animal jewelry (the “animal jewelry” here is talking about jewelry with animal shape, not jewelry for animal!) – 3D animal necklaces:

Realistic 3D Bulldog Pendant Necklace

I have to say that my first impression to this 3D pendant necklace is – simple yet looks realistic. In my own animal necklaces collection, there are so many different kinds of costume jewelry with “dog theme” designs, but most of them are with “2D” designs (i.e. they are like a silver tone metal plate with dog shape and facial details inscribed on it). I won’t say those 2D designs are bad designs but they are doomed to look less realistic than 3D pendant because there is one extra dimension for animal jewelry designers to work with to make it as realistic as possible.

Silver Alloy with “Antique” Finishing

Going back to this 3D Bulldog Pendant Necklace. This necklace is made of silver tone alloy, an inexpensive material, instead of 925 sterling silver or even gold, helps greatly reduce the price of this jewelry piece to make it more reasonable and affordable to most jewelry lovers. The oxidized parts of the silvery surface make this pendant a bit more “antique” and are being used for making up the details and hair of the bulldog to make it more like a real dog instead of a piece of silver metal with dog shape design. With 4 firmed legs and standing gesture of the dog, it is not hard to guess that this bulldog pendant is actually able to stand on any flat surface, which can be a plus for those who want to collect funky jewelry not only for wearing, but also for displaying. Putting a series of 3D standing animal funky jewelry on your own display window at home will definitely add a lot of fun to your home.

Weight, Size and Shipping

This pendant necklace weighs around 10 grams. The size of this pendant is 18 x 14 x 22mm (L x W x H), which we cannot say this is a big pendant, but definitely not a small one. I think Asian may think this pendant is a slightly big one, especially when they compare this with most of the Japanese / Korean pendants (which tend to be petite) in the market. Good news for jewelry lovers is that this can be shipped internationally from Hong Kong with ZERO shipping fee. Of course, like some of the jewelry stores, we offer a high quality black velvet gift box option with additional USD 3 only, which is an extra bonus only for our funky jewelry shoppers!

Realistic 3D Pug / Dachshund Pendant Necklace

In the same series as 3D Bulldog Pendant Necklace, under the animal jewelry series, these two 3D Pendant Necklace in Pug shape or in Dachshund shape again are simple yet looks realistic. Speaking of pug and bulldog, in fact these two breeds of dogs are very similar to each other, I hope I haven’t mixed them up based on what I know about the difference between pug and bulldog.

Same as the bulldog pendant, the Pug Pendant Necklace / Dachshund Pendant Necklace are also made of silver tone alloy with antique silver finishing. They also have great details which you can clearly see their facial expressions. Speaking of facial expression, I personally think the pug design pendant has a little more lively facial expression, perhaps due to its slightly tilted head looking at you in an innocent way, the overall impression of this pug pendant necklace is super adorable. This is a must-have for animal jewelry lovers, especially for pug lovers! Some people prefer to call Dachshund “Sausage Dog” because of its sausage-like body shape. Short legs, long body is signature of a Dachshund which this funky necklace has shown perfectly to you by the design of this 3D pendant necklace.

With similar size and weight as the bulldog pendant, the pug / dachshund pendant necklace weigh around 10 grams. Pendant size is 25 x 9 x 25mm and 30 x 12 x 20mm respectively (L x W x H). Again these can be shipped internationally from Hong Kong without any shipping fee and the same high quality black velvet gift box option is also available for purchase when checking out.

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We love every creation of mother nature – animals and plants they are all very unique in how they look and how they live their own lives. Jewelry inspired by mother nature is no doubt your best choice if you enjoy mother nature!

Realistic 3D Bulldog Pendant Necklace

Realistic 3D Bulldog Jewelry

Realistic 3D Pug Pendant Necklace

3D Pug Themed Dog Jewelry

Realistic 3D Dachshund Pendant Necklace

3D Dog Themed Dachshund Jewelry


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Cartier Elegant Cactus

Cactus Jewelry

For years jewelry designers have been using different kinds of flowers / plants as their inspirations in jewelry design. Rose, sunflower, tulip are the most commonly used flowers (no matter in real life or in jewelry design), and it is not hard to imagine why they are easily being used by jewelry designers because of their obviously flower meanings to ladies (like Rose, represents love, beauty, passion etc… and tulip represents enduring love between family members, the 11th wedding anniversary etc…).

On the other hand, Cactus, a spiky plant, is easily got forgotten by designers and making them less popular in the fashion market. But if you understand more about cactus, you will be impressed by its toughness and resistance to extreme weather (i.e. extreme hot in daytime but cold at night).

Cacti come in different shapes and sizes, standing firmly in desert as if a tough girl showing off her unique beautiful gesture in desert. These characteristics inspired jewelry designer of Cartier to recreate a beautiful yet untouchable blossom – the new Cactus de Cartier collection.

Cactus de Cartier collection is bold, geometric and sensuous. Designed with a perfect combination of spiky and soft, which sounds contradictory but designer skillfully harmonized these two into one masterpiece. I particularly like the earrings in this collection which are finely decorated with emerald and carnelian gemstones set in yellow gold. The yellow gold, as you could imagine, represents the desert; the emerald and carnelian beads are here to represent the cactus in full bloom.

Cactus de Cartier Earrings

Plant Jewelry / Plant Themed Jewelry 

Plant jewelry or plant themed jewelry is definitely one of the biggest categories in the market, just its close cousin, animal jewelry (or animal themed jewelry). People shopping for fine or funky jewelry are usually got attracted by the designs of these animal / plant themed jewelry because of a simple reason – they all look familiar to you!