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Miss the Taste of Strawberry?

Miss the taste of strawberry? Red agate strawberry silver necklace~

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Inspired by Plant Theme. Buy it Here


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Exciting Hiking Day after Typhoon Signal #8

Typhoon is close friend of Hong Kong, it comes to visit us every summer most frequently from Jul to Sep. Sometimes this close friend visited Hong Kong late like the one stampeded Hong Kong on last Friday, on mid-Oct. Maybe because of the rain clouds were blown away by the strong wind, the weather on last Sat (one day after the typhoon day) was surprisingly sunny, so my wife and I decided to go hiking in Wu Kau Tang (a beautiful place in Hong Kong)


The weather was super sunny and actually was a bit hot and humid. There was a stone bridge with a river. It was very close to the entrance and you can take some beautiful pictures here.


The road was very easy to walk at the beginning!


Miscanthus was beautiful.



After 10 to 15 minutes walk, we started to see muddy road (I believe this road would still be okay if I wasn’t come after typhoon)


There were two ways to reach the destination (“Sanya Village”, not sure if this is the official name) – uphill or alongside the river. We selected the uphill road hoping to have a less muddy road.


We didn’t see anyone in the uphill road and we were so worried about getting lost (because it was getting darker and darker). Fortunately after 2 hours walk, we finally made it to Sanya Village!


Interesting plant!


It was getting darker and darker and we selected the riverside road to go back. Some stonebridge was flooded with water!


After 2 more hours walk, we finally made it! It was so dark and we were so unlucky to see fireflies! (Unfortunately it was too dark to picture it)

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Cartier Elegant Cactus

Cactus Jewelry

For years jewelry designers have been using different kinds of flowers / plants as their inspirations in jewelry design. Rose, sunflower, tulip are the most commonly used flowers (no matter in real life or in jewelry design), and it is not hard to imagine why they are easily being used by jewelry designers because of their obviously flower meanings to ladies (like Rose, represents love, beauty, passion etc… and tulip represents enduring love between family members, the 11th wedding anniversary etc…).

On the other hand, Cactus, a spiky plant, is easily got forgotten by designers and making them less popular in the fashion market. But if you understand more about cactus, you will be impressed by its toughness and resistance to extreme weather (i.e. extreme hot in daytime but cold at night).

Cacti come in different shapes and sizes, standing firmly in desert as if a tough girl showing off her unique beautiful gesture in desert. These characteristics inspired jewelry designer of Cartier to recreate a beautiful yet untouchable blossom – the new Cactus de Cartier collection.

Cactus de Cartier collection is bold, geometric and sensuous. Designed with a perfect combination of spiky and soft, which sounds contradictory but designer skillfully harmonized these two into one masterpiece. I particularly like the earrings in this collection which are finely decorated with emerald and carnelian gemstones set in yellow gold. The yellow gold, as you could imagine, represents the desert; the emerald and carnelian beads are here to represent the cactus in full bloom.

Cactus de Cartier Earrings

Plant Jewelry / Plant Themed Jewelry 

Plant jewelry or plant themed jewelry is definitely one of the biggest categories in the market, just its close cousin, animal jewelry (or animal themed jewelry). People shopping for fine or funky jewelry are usually got attracted by the designs of these animal / plant themed jewelry because of a simple reason – they all look familiar to you!