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Story of a Loyal Penguin

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How many of you believe animals can actually feel? Do you believe a penguin can recognize a person who saved its life? More, do you believe that penguin swims 5,000 miles from the ocean just to visit a man who saved its life? This is actually a true story! A Magellanic penguin, Dindim, swims around 5,000 miles every year just to see a man, Joao Pereira de Souza, a humble retired bricklayer lives in Provetá Beach in Ilha Grande, Brazil.

This heart touching story (reported in CNN) started in May 2011. Dindim was covered in oil and injured in the state of Rio de Janeiro and found by Pereira de Souza. He helped the little penguin clean his body to remove oil residue and fed him with food until he is healthy enough to return to the sea. However, the story didn’t end here, Dindim returns to the same spot every year to Mr. Jaoa’s backyard and now become part of his family.

Magellanic penguins are very loyal to their partners and they nest in the same place every year with the same partner. We don’t know what’s going on in Dindim’s mind, but one thing we can be certain is that he knows exactly where to go and who to find. This story captured the hearts of many people and tells us how loyal an animal could be, especially this involves loyalty to human instead of its partner, which is a very rare case.

This touching story actually reminds me about a very heartbreaking reality:- Human has never stopped destroying the wildlife and killing wild animals directly or indirectly. No doubt most of the people are amazed by smart bird like Kea, or loyal penguin like Dindim when we area reading “interesting” news like this. “Interesting” news like Dindim can easily be a leisure-time topic, but how many of us are actually care about these beautiful creatures? Who would really think of the wildlife or wild animals when they are working so hard everyday in offices for their livings? Worse, who would really remember the wildlife / wild animals are being killed because wild animals are “harmful” to their life / properties; or being forced to leave their homes because our city development needs more land that human should be “more superior” than wild animals in using the land?

Perhaps it’s time for us to stop a while to think….

For years animal rights activists group has been arguing that animals can actually feel the pain and their lives should be respected, even they have to be killed, they should be killed humanely. They also believe that saving wild animals is actually saving the planet because preserving wildlife is the basic way to preserve biodiversity and keep a balanced ecosystem which human can be greatly (and negatively) impacted if something goes wrong with the system.

Saving wild animals is important?

Maybe you don’t think animals feel, or you think human rights should be much more important than animal rights. Or you may think all living things in this planet can adopt to the changes and the “balance” in ecosystem will come back eventually. If this is really the case that makes you not quite a wild animal lover, then I hope the 4th important reason for saving wild animals sound persuasive.

The 4th Reason – Medical Research Inspired by Animal

You should help preserve wildlife because they are extremely valuable in the medical related researches. No matter how smart we are, we can’t deny that many of our new technologies were actually inspired by animal in mother nature. Our great aviation pioneers – Wright brothers, invented the world’s first successful airplane inspired by birds flying the sky; Dragonflies inspired designers of helicopters; “Sharkskin” coating for swimwear inspired by Sharks…… Many of those are extremely important modern technologies that changed the human history. If you think such animal-inspired technologies are only used for creating a more convenient way for human to live, then you must have overlooked the importance of animal-inspired technologies being used in medical aspects.

Animal-inspired technologies are widely used in medical research. Almighty God created different creatures in this planet with different survival skills that could be very very useful for human. Take Kea (an extremely smart parrot we introduced in previous blog post “Kea – The Smartest Parrot in the World”) as an example. The researchers are working on the secret of how this smart bird can learn things (instead of just trial-and-error like many other animals), scientists believe that the research may shed light on human learning process to cure related decease. Another example is lamprey (a kind of “fish” physically resemble eel, characterized by a toothed, funnel-like sucking mouth): the nervous system of lamprey is so simple, but complex enough to control a swimming motion. Scientists are particularly interested in the secret of this design and hope it could be an excellent model for a micro-robot that would be sensitive to its surroundings and move freely around inside a body. How can it be used? For curing cancer! If this micro-robot research is successful, that would allow it to check for tumors or blood cloths or chemical indicators of various diseases!

Indeed there are countless examples of medical research inspired by animals. So please. stop thinking that protecting wildlife is none of your business! Just imagine how many people we could help if scientists could solve the secret formula of gecko’s regeneration ability. We may not have the chance to save a sick penguin, but we can definitely pay more attention to protect the wildlife and I believe that we could create a better world if we work together!


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